Monday, April 4, 2016

Costa Rica’s Diverse Coastal Marine Life

As head of Edward J Post Co., Inc., Lisa A. Post leads a Medford, New Jersey, company that offers surety bond relationships to clients throughout the construction industry. Lisa A. Post recently had the opportunity to travel from Medford to Costa Rica and enjoy a vacation in one of Central America’s most ecologically diverse countries.

Costa Rica is particularly known for its marine life and offers exceptional diving along the Pacific coast. Common species along the sandy ocean bottom include eagle rays and southern stingrays, while the reefs that lead to deeper waters are patrolled by reef sharks. The reef is also home to a number of moray eel species that thrive in its rocky crevices.

The Bat Islands are well known for bull sharks, which inhabit warm shallow waters and are known to be one of the most adaptable shark species. Able to survive in freshwater for extended periods, these top-tier predators dine on sea turtles, dolphins, and other sharks.

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