Monday, October 31, 2016

Little-Known Destinations in Costa Rica


A passionate traveler, Lisa A. Post, president and owner of Edward J. Post Company, Inc., in Medford, New Jersey, enjoys visiting various locations around the world. To ring in 2016, Lisa A. Post traveled to Costa Rica. During her trip, the Medford native enjoyed a week of organic meals, excursions, and yoga experiences.

When people travel to Costa Rica, they often already have a list of popular sites and attractions they plan on visiting. However, the country keeps several amazing sites more hidden from popular knowledge. Below are just some of Costa Rica’s lesser-known attractions:

- Piscina de los Pobres: Despite being next to the Tabacon resort, and only eight miles from La Fortuna, the Piscina de los Pobres is a free natural hot spring. Marked by a yellow gate, the spring requires some hiking to reach, and visitors must be careful of strong currents.

- Sanatorio Durán: Modeled after New York’s Loomis Sanitarium, Sanatorio Durán was created by former president Carlos Durán Cartín. The facility could treat more than 300 patients, but fell into disrepair in 1963 after new medical advancements rendered it useless. Now, visitors can enjoy the old building during an easy day trip from San José.

- Cabuya Island: Found at the end of the Nicoya Peninsula, Cabuya Island is a cemetery that, according to locals, is haunted. The island can only be reached during low tide, and the occasional candlelit funeral processions create an odd glow over the water.

- Playa Ventanas: Located roughly five minutes north of Ojochal, Playa Ventanas features wide, flat waves. Locals often enjoy the area for picnics and soccer games. However, the spot is also home to unique caves that visitors can explore during low tide.

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